Without less strict measures: Ter Apel to cancel races in 2020

André Wiegold

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NNO Ter Apel is considering to cancel all races in 2020 – For “responsible” events measures have to be less strict

Actually, oval races should be held again in the second half of the year at the Circuit de Polderputten in Ter Apel, Netherlands. According to a statement by Douwe de Haan, the chairman of the Dutch Motorsport Association (NAB), the 2020 season in Ter Apel could be completely canceled. In order to be able to hold races on the track in the north of the Netherlands, there would have to be further relaxation of the measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

On Facebook the NAB wrote: “Dear racing fans, unfortunately we have to inform you that we had to make the decision together with all NAB members that as long as there are no relaxation of the current coronavirus measures, there will be no more races of the North Netherlands Oval Racing (NNO) in 2020 at the motorsport stadium “De Polderputten” in Ter Apel. The current regulations do not provide sufficient opportunities to organise responsible events on our race track.”

On the track, there should be Autospeedway races in 2020. Classes such as the 2l Hotrods, National Hotrods and the BMW 325i Cup as well as various standard classes are at home at Ter Apel. With no massive relaxation of measures in sight, it is possible that the drivers will not be back on the unique oval until 2021.