With gem from the old days: Bruckschlegel ready for 2021 Hotrods season

With gem from the old days: Bruckschlegel ready for 2021 Hotrods season
Patrick Bruckschlegel

Patrick Bruckschlegel will compete again in the 2021 National Hotrods season at the wheel of his Ford Fiesta – During the winter, the car was improved in many areas

Patrick Bruckschlegel’s Ford Fiesta already has many decades under its belt, but has lost none of its pace. The racing driver from Recklinghausen is taking care of his gem, which will compete on the various autospeedway ovals in the 2021 National Hotrods season.

Bruckschlegel actually wanted to contest his first race of the new season today, Easter Monday, at Raceway Venray. “The car would have been ready in time for the season opener in Venray, but unfortunately the coronavirus pandemic ruined everything for us once again,” the Recklinghausen native told ‘Leadlap.net’.

However, Bruckschlegel does not want to paint everything black: “We can also take something good from the Corona time: Last year, we fulfilled our dream of buying a motor home. Now it is possible for us to participate in all racing events.”

Hard work in winter

A place to sleep is important, but good equipment is even more important. That’s why the team around Bruckschlegel has “significantly increased” the equipment – including taking over an closed trailer from competitor Marcus Storb, which now brings the car safely to the race track.

Credits: Patrick Bruckschlegel

“Of course, we also invested in the hotrod,” revealed Bruckschlegel. “The complete electrical system and steering were renewed. We again had help from Team Arens, who took time for us despite building their own hotrod. I would like to thank them very much for that.”

The Fiesta also shines in new colors for the 2021 season: “The car was completely repainted by Alessandro Nicoletti from the Sprint 1300 class. Despite his education, he took a lot of time for it and delivered a super result. That’s why there ist also a place of honor for him on the car.”

Sponsorship also in popular sport

The National Hotrods are considered a mass-sport class, although pure touring cars are used on the small ovals in the Netherlands. During the season, Bruckschlegel can look forward to the support of several partners who made it possible for the Recklinghausen driver to race in the new year.

Credits: Patrick Bruckschlegel

“Without my two main sponsors – my dear wife and my father – none of this would have been possible at all,” said Bruckschlegel. “I really thank them for the support. Also, without the rest of the family, no wheel would turn. I’d also like to thank my sponsors Longhorn Racing, Pieter van Logten, Erik Roeffen as well as Steakhouses Longhorn, Arens Motorsports, Team Dreschel, Montronic Race Engines, Autocross Motorsport Services and A1 Performance.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is not yet clear when the National Hotrods season opener will take place. With any luck, the engines of the touring cars will be fired up again in May 2021. Once the green light is given, Bruckschlegel will be ready for the first start of the new season.

André Wiegold