This NASCAR Cup team from the USA supports Colavita in EuroNASCAR

This NASCAR Cup team from the USA supports Colavita in EuroNASCAR
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JTG Daugherty Racing has taken NWES youngster Leonardo Colavita under its wing – The Italian will be supported by the US racing team

Leonardo Colavita will get support from the United States of America in the 2022 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series (NWES). JTG Daugherty Racing has taken the youngest driver in NWES history under its wing to give his NASCAR career a boost. The Italian will return to compete for Racers Motorsports (formerly Vict Racing) in 2022, earning points in both EuroNASCAR championships.

To express the connection between Colavita and JTG Daugherty Racing, the talent’s Chevrolet Camaro will get a new starting number: the #47, which is the number the US racing team uses in the NASCAR Cup Series. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. currently competes for the team of Ted and Jodi Geschickter and NBA legend Brad Daugherty. Ted and Jodi Geschickter have known Colavita since his karting days at age ten.

The statements

“I am very proud to be endorsed by JTG Daugherty, our partnership shows that the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series can be a path towards the Nascar Cup Series in the States,” says Colavita. “I’m excited to start the 2022 season with Racers Motorsport and fight for the championship.” The youngster is building on his two top-10 results from the past season.

“We’re always looking for different ways to help identify and develop talent to give back. We’re looking forward to helping Leonardo on his NASCAR journey,” team owner Tad Geschickter says. Jodi Geschickter adds: “We were really impressed with how knowledgeable he was about cars and how articulate he was when we first met him at the young age of ten.”

Colavita was recently in the US, where he watched the Daytona 500 in Florida with the two team owners and the NWES delegation. Now the youngster is preparing for the 2022 NWES season – his first full-time championship since joining the series at a record age of 16 years and three days.

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