“The winter break is quite boring”: Jeffrey Roeffen wants to go back racing

“The winter break is quite boring”: Jeffrey Roeffen wants to go back racing
Michael Großgarten

Jeffrey Roeffen can’t wait to get back to racing in the National Hotrods – The Dutchman has given his engine to his partner for optimization

Currently Jeffrey Roeffen’s BMW Z4, which he drives on the Autospeedway ovals in the Netherlands, is waiting in the corner. The team can’t currently work on the car, as the engine is currently at the race team’s engine builder. But as soon as the powertrain is back, Roeffen will start optimizing the car for the 2021 season. The Dutchman can hardly wait to get back to racing.

“The winter break is quite boring,” Roeffen told ‘Leadlap.net’. “My little brother started MX racing last summer, so we do a lot of practice with him now. Last summer we took the car apart and the engine was sent to our engine builder, SRD Racing Engines, to fix and improve it.”

Preperation begins when the engine is back

Once the engine is back, further preparations will begin for the 2021 season, which “hopefully can take place”. Roeffen has developed into one of the strongest drivers on the National Hotrods grid, so he has set high goals for the upcoming championship.

Credits: Michael Großgarten

“It’s about enjoying every single lap and improving the car and myself,” Roeffen said. “We want to have a good chance to win the Supercup at Raceway Venray. It won’t be easy, but with Autoxross and SRD behind us, we should have a good shot to be up front.”

Roeffen selects races

But before hitting the track, Roeffen has to make a plan for which of the many races he will even participate in. Venray, The race tracks in Venray, Ter Apel and Lelystad are taking their time announcing their 2021 calendars because of the ongoing pandemic. Posterholt, on the other hand, has announced a provisional schedule for the upcoming season.

Roeffen, who also serves as crew chief for Hendriks Motorsports in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, revealed: “We certainly want to run all the races in Venray and participate in the Golden Helmet in Lelystad. Because of the COVID-19 situation it’s not certain yet. I just hope everyone stays healthy and we can get back on the track very soon.”

André Wiegold