Team Hezeberg: Hezemans and Villeneuve test for new Cup team

Team Hezeberg: Hezemans and Villeneuve test for new Cup team
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Team Hezeberg plans to field two Nex-Gen Mustangs in the NASCAR Cup Series in 2022 – Jacques Villeneuve and Loris Hezemans will test a car at Charlotte Roval

It would be the first team with roots in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series (NWES) to enter the NASCAR Cup Series in the US as its own organization: Team Hezeberg, led by Dutch racing legend Toine Hezemans and Dutch entrepreneur Ernst Berg, wants to make a splash in the NASCAR Cup Series next year. The racing team is counting on support from Reaume Brothers Racing and will test on the Charlotte roval with Loris Hezemans and Jacques Villeneuve.

‘’I am out of words to describe the excitement of the future that awaits for us with Team Hezeberg, it started off with an idea in 2019 when we first heard about the Next Gen car and now we are nearing our first ever Cup test seems simply surreal,” said Hezemans. “I am thankful to NASCAR for giving me the opportunity to participate in this test at the Charlotte Roval and gain experience as well as bring feedback to the team. Furthermore I will be looking to continue working on my approvals for the future.’’

Toine Hezemans and Berg worked together back in the 1970s. Back then, a close friendship formed between the two racing maniacs. On the economic side, there was even a sponsorship in Formula 1. Now the duo wants to take off in the US and become the first Cup team with NWES roots to field two Ford Mustangs for the 2022 season.

Loris Hezemans is expected to reel off a part-time program and drive the circuits. He would also like to obtain licenses for all ovals in order to be allowed to compete in all races in 2023. The second cockpit has not yet been allocated. Villeneuve will only reel off one test for the time being. The former Formula 1 champion and Indy 500 winner not only currently competes in the EuroNASCAR PRO Championship, but also already has nine Xfinity and seven Truck starts under his belt.

“The introduction of the Next Gen car by NASCAR is at the core of our decision to build a team and join the NASCAR Cup Series,” explained Toine Hezemans. “This new concept is the perfect challenge for us and the model NASCAR built around the Next Gen car makes the American market even more interesting, generating opportunities for a team to prosper.”

Due to the test, both Loris Hezemans and Villeneuve will not be at Circuit Zolder to compete in the NWES regular season finale. Hezemans nevertheless has a good chance of winning the 2021 EuroNASCAR title, as he can drop the two DNS’ results. Both the Dutchman and the Canadian will be back at the NWES finale on October 30 and 31 in Vallelunga, Italy.

André Wiegold