Team is the English version of German by André Wiegold. The originial side was founded in 2014. All articles and formats are produced without any commercial goal. Topics are Autospeedway and European oval and stockcar racing. The artices are created in the teams freetime.

The team:

André Wiegold

Home town: Bochum

Year of birth: 1990

Profession: Freelancer Journalist and Commentator

Motorsport since: 1994

Position: Founder of and, Editor in Chief, Photographer, Video, Commentator

References: Motorsport Network Germany, MotorvisionTV, EuroNASCAR, and many more …

Contact: andre.wiegold(at)


Sarah Kaliebe-Wiegold

Hometown: Bochum

Year of birth: 1992

Profession: Project leader E-Learning

Motorsport since: 2007

Position: Editor, Social Media

Contact: sarah.kaliebe(at)

  Volkan Avci

Hometown: Bochum

Year of birth: 1991

Profession: Construction leader

Motorsport since: 2015

Position: Photographer, Video

References: Efe-graphy, Deutschland

Contact: volkan.avci(at)

Michael Großgarten

Hometowm: Rech

Year of birth: 1968

Profession: Wäschereitechniker

Motorsport since: 1984

Position: Fotograf, Video

References: MG Racingphotos for free, Ellen Lohr

Contact: mg-rennfotos(at)

Frank Reipen

Hometown: Grevenbroich

Year of birth: 1968

Profession: Dipl.-Ingenieur / Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Motorsport since: early childhood

Position: Photographer

References: TH Köln, Frank Reipen Fotografie, Calvendo, EuroNASCAR and V8OS teams

Contact: frank.reipen(at)

Simon Mones

Hometown: Heilbronn

Year of birth: 1991

Profession: Volontär / Freelancer

Motorsport since: 1995

Position: Editor


Contact: simon.mones(at)

Stevie Piray

Howntown: Wiesbaden

Year of brith: 1976

Profession: Industrial electronics technician

Motorsport since: 1993

Position: Video editor