Stockcar finals at Venray: Davidson and Bekkers already champions

Stockcar finals at Venray: Davidson and Bekkers already champions
Volkan Avci

The Raceway Venray track championships of the Stockcar F1 and F2 are already decided – Luke Davidson and Jan Bekkers cannot be caught during the final races

Luke Davidson is already the Stockcar F1 track champion at Raceway Venray as no other competitor is able to catch the Briton. He leads the championship with a 56-point advantage on Tom Harris. Jan Bekkers already clinched the title in the Stockcar F2 category with a 66-point gap on Kay Lenssen.

Davidson, who also grabbed the Stockcar F1 WorldCup title, can enjoy the last races of the season to celebrate his championship. Bekkers from Belgium can also relax during the last laps of the 2019 season at Raceway Venray as he has no pressure anymore.

Credits: Michael Großgarten

Bekkers tells ‘’: “The last race of the championship is not important anymore, because there are only 40 points left on the line.” Questioned what’s his secret at Raceway Venray, the Belgian answers: “I try to make everything as good as possible and to improve the car and myself all the time.”

Bekkers says the key to success in the Stockcar F2 races at Raceway Venray is consistency. He is happy about his early championship win: “It’s a big achievement to grap the title against the other fast drivers in our class.”

The last races of the 2019 stockcar season at Raceway Venray will take place on October 27, 2019. Beside the Stockcar F1 and F2, the National Hotrods, Stockcar F2 Juniors and Saloon Stockcars will hit the Autospeedway oval this Sunday. The V8 Oval Series championship battle will be decided on the half-mile short track.

André Wiegold