Stockcar F2 in Venray: Peeters and Rozema take the day’s wins

Stockcar F2 in Venray: Peeters and Rozema take the day’s wins
Credits: Michael Großgarten /

While Wim Peeters clinched the day’s win in the Stockcar F2 at the Raceway Venray on Easter Monday, Dwayn Rozema secured the most points in the F2 Juniors

Wim Peeters and Dwayn Rozema secured the day’s victories in the Stockcar F2 and F2 Juniors respectively on Easter Monday at Venray Raceway. The two Dutchmen scored the most points in their classes and were able to celebrate at the end of a racing day with 21 races. But it was hard work for both of them.

There was some confusion after the first heat when Jan Bekkers was declared the winner by the speaker, but it was Senna Claes who won the race. The latter finished 0.235 seconds ahead of the current champion Wim Peeters in a heart-stopping final. Kay Lenssen was third behind them, Chris Weyenberg and Bekkers completed the top-5. A total of 27 drivers entered the race day.

Claes just barely missed the day’s win, Peeters convinced with consistency

Claes repeated the feat in heat two, again beating Peeters, this time just 0.137 seconds back. Again, the last lap decided the outcome of the heat in the Stockcar F2. Chris Hendriks was third ahead of Wesley Leenhouts and Lenssen. Claes also won the third heat, but this time ahead of Dani van Haarlem and Peeters, while Bekkers and Hendriks rounded out the top-5.

Credits: Michael Großgarten /

Van Haarlem then won the final, beating Peeters by 0.245 seconds. Lenssen saw the checkered flag in third ahead of Bekkers and Stan Coenen. Claes, who had excelled in the heats, was only seventh this time, which is why the day’s victory slipped out of his hands. Peeters secured the day’s victory with his consistency: The Dutchman collected 44 points, while Claes finished second with 38 points. Lenssen rounded out the podium ahead of Bekkers and van Haarlem.

F2 Juniors: Rozema on top

The first race win of the F2 Juniors season at Raceway Venray went to Nico Storb from Germany. The youngster, who gained valuable experience in the class last year, finished 2.645 seconds ahead of Rozema, who in turn was ahead of Jorden Vowinkel, Nico Klumpen and Wessel Drost.

Rozema claimed his first win in race two, beating Klumpen in second with a gap of 3.722 seconds. Daisy Goos took third place, while Vowinkel and Drost were fourth and fifth. Storb finished sixth behind them. Important: Unlike the Stockcar F2, the youngsters are not allowed to use the bumpers.

Credits: Michael Großgarten /

Klumpen entered the list of winners in the third heat. The driver of the #174 car beat Lieke Hoffmans by a full 6.693 seconds. Rozema finished third ahead of Storb, securing his third consecutive podium. In the finale, the driver of the #514 car secured victory on the day. Rozeman won by 7.634 seconds over Klumpen and Drost, Storb was sixth again.

Rozema collected a total of 47 points over the course of the day’s racing, putting him at the top of the day’s standings. Klumpen finished second with 44 points on the tally. Goos was able to climb the last place on the podium with third place and 32 points, but was equal on points with Storb from Gelsenkirchen. Drost completed the top-5. Vowinkel was disqualified by race control in the final run for excessive use of the bumpers. He finished seventh in the standings.

André Wiegold