Stockcar F1 and F2 in Venray: Van Haarlem and Claes grab day’s victories

Stockcar F1 and F2 in Venray: Van Haarlem and Claes grab day’s victories
MSL-Fotografie / Marcus Liebsch

Jeffrey van Haarlem and Senna Claes prevailed in Stockcar F1 and F2 at Raceway Venray last Sunday – Wout Hoffmans won in the Junior category

Last Sunday, Raceway Venray opened its gates for the first time in 2021 for numerous motorsport fans. On the Autospeedway oval of the Dutch circuit, the Stockcar F1, Stockcar F2 and F2 Juniors provided a lot of excitement. While Jeffrey van Haarlem prevailed in the premier class, Senna Claes and Wout Hoffmans won in Stockcar F2 and F2 Juniors respectively.

Stockcar F1 was on track four times and it was Catsburg who opened the day with a win. The veteran won by more than three seconds over Geert-Jan Keijzer, who ultimately finished in second place. Van Haarlem followed in third place to grab his first podium result of the day.

In the second heat former WorldCup winner Roy Maessen celebrated victory ahead of Rick Lenssen while Catsburg finished third. Van Haarlem scored another top-5 result by ending up fourth under the checkered flag.

In the third heat, Evert van den Berg was victorious, while van Haarlem collected important points in third place. He crossed the finish line behind Danny van Wamelen. The final race of the day was decided by van Wamelen, while van Haarlem cruised to the overall day’s victory in second place. The Dutchman topped the standings despite never winning a heat.

Van Haarlem added a total of 61 points to his tally, while Catsburg, who did win a race, finished second in the day’s classification, just one point behind. Van Wamelen completed the podium ahead of van den Berg and Maessen, who rounded out the top-5.

Stockcar F2 and F2 Juniors

Credits: MSL-Fotografie / Marcus Liebsch

Claes, who celebrated the day’s win in Stockcar F2, first had to settle for second place in the first race. He crossed the finish line 2.615 seconds behind race winner Donny Hoedt. The knot burst in the second race: Claes won by around 2.5 seconds ahead of Hoedt and managed to repeat the feat in the third race. This time he won by 2.3 seconds over Chris Hendriks, who again won the final ahead of Claes.

Claes scored a total of 47 points to finish well ahead of Hendriks, who collected 36 points. The podium was completed by Stockcar F2 veteran Sebastiaan Vowinkel in the #33 car. Former WorldCup winner Jan Bekkers and Kay Lenssen completed the top-5, while Hoedt had to settle for sixth place.

In the stock car junior class, a total of 17 talented drivers competed and it was Hoffmanns who beat the competition with his consistency. Three second places in four races – plus a disqualification in the third race – were enough to take the day’s win with 36 points. Dani van Haarlem, who won the second and final race, was second with 30 points. The podium was completed by Daisy Goos. Andy van t’Veer won the first heat.

André Wiegold