Still driving: Patrick Bruckschlegel will race again in his historic Ford Fiesta

Still driving: Patrick Bruckschlegel will race again in his historic Ford Fiesta
Credits: Patrick Bruckschlegel

Patrick Bruckschegel will contest the 2022 National Hotrods season again in his historic Ford Fiesta – The car runs and runs and runs …

It may not be the fastest and most modern car in the field, but Patrick Bruckschlegel’s Ford Fiesta is still a real eye-catcher in the National Hotrods class. The driver from Recklinghausen will also compete in the 2022 season with the vehicle, which he has again maintained and prepared for another race season in the winter.

“We’re done,” Bruckschlegel proudly tells ‘’. “My special thanks go to Alessandro Nicoletti for the great body and paint work. KFZ Arens gave us great support in terms of mechanics. I’d also like to thank the Longhorn Racing Team of Pieter van Logten and Erik Roeffen, as well as the Dreschel Racing Team and Simon Racing for their great help.”

Bruckschlegel has already made plans for the 2022 season that now need to be put into action. The Hotrods veteran would like to drive “all the races at Venray and Posterholt”. This means that the two track championships are the focus for the Recklinghausen native. Since he is not planning any regular appearances in Ter Apel and Lelystad, the NHRRG Cup and the Dutch Championship are only secondary matters for him.

However, Bruckschlegel is planning a guest appearance at the Midland Circuit in Lelystad near Amsterdam: “I want to take part in the race for the golden helmet there,” reveals the driver of the Ford Fiesta. The car was first raced on the oval in 1993 by Hotrods legend Laurens van der Velde – at that time with the famous starting number 78.

The race car, which is now almost 30 years old, has not been in Victory Lane for a long time, but Bruckschlegel is determined to change that: “My goal is to win at least one race this year and to score a lot of points in the two track championships,” says the ambitious amateur racer with a fighting spirit. Bruckschlegel has owned the sweetheart since the 2016 season, and it would certainly look good in the Victory Lane …

André Wiegold