Speedway Emmen: These are the dates in 2023

Speedway Emmen: These are the dates in 2023
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One of the most popular dirt tracks in the Netherlands opens its doors again in 2023 – These are the race days for the upcoming season

Date  Race
March 25, 2023Stockcar F1; Saloon Stockcars; Saloonstox; Unl. Bangers
May 6, 2023Stockcar F1 & F2; Saloonstox; Lim. Bangers; Unl. Bangers
June 3, 2023Stockcar F2 & F2 Juniors; Pre 90 Bangers; Unders & FWD Bangers
24. Juni 2023Stockcar F1, F2 & F2 Junioren; Saloon Stockcars; Saloonstox
July 8-9, 2023Unl. Bangers Team Race (Saturday); Unl. Bangers; Micro Bangers; Van Bangers; Saloonstox (Sunday)
September 23, 2023Stockcar F1, F2 & F2 Juniors; Unl. Bangers / Saloonstox
October 21, 2023Stockcar F1; Unl. Bangers
December 16, 2023Micro Bangers; Unl. Bangers; FWD Bangers; Unl. Bangers

Speedway Emmen – the arena for stock cars and bangers – offers a full program especially for fans of bent sheet metal and caroms, but also fans of stock car F1 and F2 will get their money’s worth. In 2023 there is again a colorful program with many highlights.

It all starts with the season opener on March 25. The Stockcar F1 will start as well as the Saloon Stockcars, the Saloonstox and the Unlimited Bangers. On May 6, there will not only be the Stockcar F1 and F2, but also the Saloonstox as well as the Limited and Unlimited Bangers.  The Stockcar F2 and the F2 Juniors will be guests in Emmen on June 3. They will be joined by the Pre 90 Bangers and the Unders & FWD Bangers.

On June 24, the Banger classes will take a break, but the Stockcar F1 ; F2 and F2 Juniors as well as the Saloon Stockcars and the Saloonstox will start. The season highlight, the Doubleheader on September 8 and 9, will once again be dominated by spectacular caroms. On Saturday, the Unlimited Bangers team race will be held, while on Sunday, the Unlimited Bangers will once again take to the track and the Micro Bangers, the Van Bangers and the Saloonstox will also provide plenty of excitement.

On September 23rd, the stock car classes F1, F2 as well as the F2 Juniors will again be guests in Emmen. The program will be rounded off by the Unlimited Bangers and the Saloonstox. The races for the Blue Oyster Trophy will be held on October 21 by the Stockcar F1 and the Unlimited Bangers. Shortly before Christmas, on December 16, the popular Oliebollenrace will take place again. At the end of the year, the Micro Bangers, the Limited Bangers, the FWD Bangers and the Unlimited Bangers will take to the track.

Frank Reipen

Frank Reipen