Second race at the Raceway Venray: The results of the Autospeedway classes

Michael Großgarten

Last Sunday at the Raceway Venray, the drivers went on the hunt for points in four different Autospeedway classes – These are the big winners

Last Sunday the second race day of the 2020 season took place at Raceway Venray. The drivers of the Stockcar F1, Stockcar F2, 2l Saloon Stockcar and F2 Juniors competed on the small oval, which is about 400 meters long. In all classes there were numerous participants and exciting races.

Stockcar F1: Renneberg dominates

Credits: Michael Großgarten

In Stockcar F1, Ivan Renneberg prevailed over his 35 competitors in the daily standings. At the wheel of the #939 car he collected 69 points. The Stockcar driver won a total of three of the five races – including the final – and thus secured the day’s victory ahead of Stockcar F1 veteran Geert-Jan Keijzer.

Keijzer did not win a single run, but impressed with his consistency. The driver of the #6 car ended up on the podium three times, a second place was his best result. Jan Pleging finished third in the day’s standings, driving the #333 car, and won a heat last Sunday. Another race winner was Roy Maessen, who ended up eighth in the standings.

Stockcar F2: Jan Bekkers takes the day victory

Credits: Michael Großgarten

A total of 38 drivers competed in the Stockcar F2 for the day’s victory at Raceway Venray. In the end, perennial favourite Jan Bekkers grabbed the win in the classification. But the Belgian only won the final, which was held after four heats, but had been busy collecting points before. Bekkers was allowed to credit a total of 40 points to his account.

Aart Jan van Dam and Gerrit Huussen shared second place with 29 points. With the #202 van Dam won a race in the Stockcar F2. The other race winners were Wim Peeters, Sem van Rengs, and Pieter van der Beek. Peeters finished sixth in the daily standings ahead of van der Beek, Rengs was ranked 15th.

2l Saloon Stockcar: Jeremy van der Kraats on top

Credits: Michael Großgarten

Jeremy van der Kraats collected a total of 40 points in the full contact class, which is called 2l Saloon Stockcar. He won all four races and showed the competition where the hammer is. Second was Bas Haagen, who collected 29 points. Twice the Saloon Stockcar specialist drove to the podium.

Credits: Michael Großgarten

Patrick Rutters, who also finished in the top 3 twice, was third with 25 points, followed by Nick Antwerpen in fourth place and Barend Terpstra in fifth. A total of 29 cars were entered in the class, which is clockwise on the oval due to British regulations.

F2 Juniors and F1 Heritage

Andy van t’Veer won the F2 juniors. He won two out of four races in the junior class for the stockcar sport. Senna Claes finished second ahead of Donny Hoedt. Claes won the final, while Donny Schaap in the #007 car also scored a race win. Schaap finally finished tenth overall.

Credits: Michael Großgarten

The spectators at the Raceway Venray, who were allowed to enter the track due to the strict hygiene concept, also got an insight into the past. The F1 Heritage brings historic stockcar cars back to the track, which for example were driven in Baarlo in the past. To see the old gems in motion again was a great experience for all fans of the scene.