Raceway Venray Whitsun: Exciting races on both ovals

Raceway Venray Whitsun: Exciting races on both ovals
Credits: Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

The second race day of the 2022 season at Raceway Venray is in the books – A total of six classes competed on Whit Monday

Raceway Venray traditionally hosted the second race day of the 2022 season on Whit Monday, with a total of six classes competing on the two ovals. While the V8 Oval Series (V8OS) started on the half-mile, the Stockcar F1, Stockcar F2, F2 Juniors, Saloon Stockcars and National Hotrods raced on the Autospeedway track.

V8OS: The three-way fight goes into the next round

On the first day of racing on Easter Monday it had already become clear that Frank Wouters, Barry Maessen and Ralph Verberkt would decide the title fight between themselves. Exactly this trend continued on the second day of racing, where all three pilots were again fighting for the wins at the front.

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In the end, it was Frank Wouters who scored the most points by winning the first heat and the final, thus extending his championship lead. Verberkt won the second race and thus ended up third in the day’s standings, three points behind Wouters. Maessen did not manage to visit the Victory Lane this time, but secured third place in the classification thanks to his consistency.

Credits: Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

Jeroen van Eerd was fourth followed by Philipp Bachor, who turned things around with three fifth places. After a disastrous first race day, the team from Germany managed to improve the car and ensure durability. Also back in the mix was Patrick Heckhausen in a number 88 rental car. The Krefeld native is flirting with a return to the series.

National Hotrods: Sanders dominates the race day

Johan Sanders shone on Whit Monday at the National Hotrods. The Dutchman won all three races and clearly topped the day’s standings. Jeffrey Roeffen, who had dominated the action on the first race day in Venray, had to start much further back this time, but still secured a strong second place.

Credits: Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

Behind him followed Hotrods veteran Lars Dreschel from Germany, who finished twice in the top-3 in his Opel Corsa. Reimon Bos and Winnie Holtmanns rounded off the top-5 behind them. Delia Horstkamp, who sat out the first day of racing, was back in the mix. She finished the race day in ninth place out of 13 starters.

Stockcar F1: Wim Peeters turns up the heat

Wim Peeters is well known: He has already won many important titles in Stockcar F2, both nationally and internationally. In 2022, the Dutchman will compete in Stockcar F1 for the first time and he seems to have taken to it well. In Venray, he secured first place in the daily standings with two race wins.

Credits: Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

Behind him followed Jordan Falding from Great Britain, who won the final. Current Dutch champion Luke Davidson did not make it to Victory Lane, but still secured a strong third place in the daily standings. Patrick Kleijsen, who won the third heat, finished fourth.

Stockcar F2: Wim Peeters gets serious

Since one start in Stockcar F1 is not enough, Peeters also took part in Stockcar F2. There, too, the Dutchman was extremely successful. Although he did not win a race, he secured first place in the daily standings. Three top-3 results from four runs were enough for this. The winningest rider of the race day was Justin Albrecht, who won two races and thus secured second place.

Credits: Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

Stan Coenen was fourth ahead of Kay Lenssen and Jan Bekkers. Laura Vervuurt, who won the second heat, secured seventh place in the day’s standings – just behind Peter Baer from Germany. Nick Coenen finished seventh ahead of Nigel Stegmeijer, Donny Hoedt and Ricardo Schmidt.

Saloon Stockcar: Patrick Rutters wins

In the Saloon Stockcars, Patrick Rutters was the measure of all things on Whit Monday. He won two races at once and thus took the lead in the overall standings. Bas Haagen followed in second place, while Thomas Grosse in car number 399 not only took third place but also won the first heat of the day.

Credits: Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

The field of 17 cars was also preparing for the WorldCup, which will be held at Raceway Venray on 25 and 26 June. Since the change to the British regulations, the full-contact class has enjoyed great popularity – both among the drivers and the fans.

F2-Junioren: Vier Rennen, vier Sieger

Beim Stockcar-Nachwuchs ging es wieder immer heiß her: Obwohl Wout Hoffmans kein Rennen gewann, setzte er sich mit seinen konstanten Ergebnissen auf Platz eins der Tageswertung. In den vier Rennen gab es vier unterschiedliche Sieger: Nico Klumpen gewann den ersten Lauf, Dwayn Rozema den zweiten. Wessel Drost siegte im dritten Rennen, während sich Jorden Vowinkel im Finale durchsetzte.

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Der Final-Sieger setzte sich auf Platz zwei der Tageswertung, gefolgt von Lieke Hoffmans, Daisy Gos und Drost. Nico Storb musste an diesem Renntag aussetzen, da ihm ein Defekt am Fahrzeug einen Strich durch die Rechnung machte. Insgesamt waren zehn Nachwuchsfahrer vor proppevollen Tribünen am Start. Weiter geht es auf dem Raceway Venray am 25. und 26. Juni mit dem ersten Double-Header der Saison 2022.

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