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Raceway Venray plans to introduce new Formula BRL on four tracks

Volkan Avci

The Raceway Venray organisation wants to build a brand new Formula BRL with races on four different tracks

Based on the American IndyCar Series, the Raceway Venray organisation wants to build up a single seater series that will race on road courses and on an oval. Venray-owner Harry Maessen owns several Formula Chrysler cars that are parked in his garages. Those cars will be the crucial factor in the new championship that will be called Formula BRL and compete on four different tracks.

The championship rounds are planned to take place at the oval of Raceway Venray and the road courses of Assen, Zandvoort and Meppen. Eight rounds are scheduled for the inaugural 2020 season. The cars are equipped with 360 bhp strong V6 engines.

To offer drivers a classic arrive and drive experience, the cars will be maintained by the Raceway Venray team. Interested drivers can rent cars to compete in the championship. It’s not known how many drivers have to sign in for the championship to be run. The official homepage will be published soon to give interested drivers all necessary information.

Beside the Formula BRL, the Raceway Venray cooperates with Racing-Total to build a V6 Pick Up Series championship. The first attempt to introduce the series with central maintaining and car renting failed. Now the cars can be rented or even bought by teams.