Raceway Venray: Maessen dominates F1, Baer and Peeters split F2 wins

Raceway Venray: Maessen dominates F1, Baer and Peeters split F2 wins
Michael Großgarten

The Stockcar F1 and Stockcar F2 started into the new track championships last Sunday at Raceway Venray – While Roy Maessen dominated the races in the Stockcar F1, Wim Peeters and Peter Baer split the wins in the Stockcar F2

Roy Maessen dominated the season opener of Stockcar F1 at Raceway Venray last Sunday with two race wins and thus secured a clear victory in the raceday’s standings. In the Stockcar F2 Wim Peeters and Peter Baer fought a hot duel for the day’s victory, which was ultimately won by the Dutchman in the #124 car.

Stockcar F1

In the first race of the first race day at Raceway Venray in 2020, Maessen had to settle for second place. After 18 laps he finished 0.166 seconds behind Danny van Wamelen, who prevailed against his 27 competitors in the top class of stockcar racing in Europe. Mark Veenstra was third ahead of Rick Lenssen and Harmen Zwever.

Maessen countered in the second race of the day: He took the lead and quickly gained a comfortable 1.169-second lead over van Wamelen, who ultimately had to settle for second place. Patrick Kleijsen finished third, while F1 veteran Johan Catsburg and Lenssen completed the top 5.

In the third race Kleijsen ignited the turbo to lift his #106 car to first place. He prevailed over Veenstra, who was second place under the checkered flag and only 0.655 seconds behind the winner. Maessen was third, Catsburg fourth, while Zwever rounded out the top 5.

In the final race, Maessen again had a great moment, securing his second race win during the season opener. But the Dutchman had his hands full, as Gert Elzinga crossed the finish line only 0.847 seconds behind the top driver. Lenssen grabbed third place ahead of Catsburg and Zwever.

With his strong performance and 67 collected points, Maessen was able to celebrate the day’s victory. Lenssen was second with 54 points, while Catsburg had to settle for third place with 53 points. Kleijsen and Zwever rounded out the top 5.

Stockcar F2

Credits: Michael Großgarten

Wim Peeters is clearly one of the best Stockcar F2 drivers in Europe, which is why he started the season opener at Raceway Venray as the absolute favourite driver. In the first run, the Dutchman lived up to his role as favourite: He won the race with a 0.655 second lead over Kay Lenssen and crowned himself the season opening winner. Pieter van den Beek was third, Aart Jan van Dam fourth and Kevin Munsters fifth.

However, Peeters has a strong competitor in Peter Baer from Germany, who showed what he’s capable of in the second race: Baer gained a lead of about one second over former WorldCup winner Jan Bekkers and won the second heat. Van Dam was third ahead of Jarno Emming and Piet Huussen.

In the third heat it came to a direct duel between the German and Peeters, which Baer won: The driver of the #92 car finished 1.165 seconds ahead of Peeters and celebrated his second victory of the season. Behind him Floor Nijskens, Lenssen and van der Beek completed the top 5.

However, at this point in time, two more Stockcar F2 races were on the agenda: Peeters won the fourth race again, ahead of Nick Coenen, van der Beek, van Dam and Cor Schutter. The final victory also went to the extremely successful Dutchman. Peeters finished 0.351 seconds ahead of van der Beek. Behind them Lenssen, Schutter and Toon Janssen crossed the finish line within the top 5, Baer only finished seventh.

Credits: Michael Großgarten

In the daily standings Peeters celebrated a clear victory with 49 points. Van der Beek was rewarded for his consistency with 40 points and the second place. Lenssen collected 32 points, sharing third place with van Dam and Baer, who collected as many points as Lenssen.

In the Stockcar F2 Juniors – the junior class for young stockcar talents – Jordan Vowinkel won three races. But in the first race of the day Senna Claes was declared the winner. Vowinkel snatched the day’s victory ahead of Wout Hoffmans, Andy van t’Veer, Dani van Haarlem and Claes.

André Wiegold and Sarah Kaliebe-Wiegold