Raceway Venray cancels race day on Whit Monday

Raceway Venray cancels race day on Whit Monday
Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

Raceway Venray has cancelled the planned race day on Whit Monday – Measures against the spread of the coronavirus prevent the races from taking place

Racing only with spectators: Raceway Venray consistently decides against events in front of empty grandstands and behind closed gates. Therefore, the race day on Whit Monday, May 24, 2021, has been officially canceled. This moves the official season opener to next month, when a race day is scheduled for June 26 and 27.

After the cancellation of the season opener on Easter Monday, it is already the second event that had to be cancelled without replacement due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. At least there was already an official practice day on the half-mile and Autospeedway oval, where no spectators and only a limited number of team members and press were allowed. In 2020, Venray Raceway impressed with an working concept to direct spectators around the course to avoid unnecessary contact. Sufficient distance was also ensured in the grandstands.

The cancellation of the event is the direct result of the measures taken against the spread of COVID-19 in the Netherlands. The country relies on strict regulations to protect the population. Therefore, it is not yet possible to hold motorsport events in Venray in May 2021. As soon as spectators are allowed at the racing complex not far from Venlo, Autospeedway and V8 oval series races will again be held in Venray.

Owner Harry Maessen’s track is home to the V8 Oval Series as well as Autospeedway classes – Stockcar F1, Stockcar F2, F2 Juniors, National Hotrods, 2l Hotrods and Saloon Stockcars. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, numerous events have had to be cancelled at the circuit. On other Autospeedway ovals in the Netherlands, too, the engines of the racing cars remain silent for the time being.

André Wiegold