Raceway Venray announces provisional race calendar for 2022

Raceway Venray announces provisional race calendar for 2022
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The engines will be fired up again in 2022 at Raceway Venray traditionally at Easter – This is the program for the coming year

Planning for the 2022 Autospeedway and V8 Oval Series seasons is in full swing. Those responsible at Raceway Venray have announced a provisional calendar for the coming year. However, no one can yet say whether and under what conditions the events can take place due to the still ongoing Covid pandemic.

The following seven events are planned:

Race 1 : April 18 (Easter race).
Race 2 : June 6 (Whitsun race)
Race 3 : June 25 & 26 (WorldCup Saloon Stockcars)
Race 4 : 24 July (SuperCup National Hotrod)
Race 5 : 20 & 21 August (WorldCup Stockcar F1 & F2 ; European Championship BriSCA Ministox)
Race 6 : September 25th (Autumn Race & EuroCup V8 Oval Series)
Race 7 : 23 October (Final race & GoldCup Stockcar F2 Juniors)

The season opener is traditionally held on Easter Monday, while the second race is held on Whit Monday. The first highlight of the season is the WorldCup of Saloon Stockcars on June 25 and 26. This will be followed by the SuperCup of the National Hotrods on July 24.

The legendary WorldCup of the Stockcar F1 and F2 as well as the European Championship of the BriSCA Ministox follow on August 20 and 21. On September 25, the EuroCup of the V8 Oval Series will take place. The final and the GoldCup of the F2 Juniors will round off 2022 on October 23.

Depending on the pandemic situation, changes or cancellations are still possible at short notice. However, Raceway Venray has already organized races with spectators in the grandstands in the 2020 and 2021 seasons with measures and a well thought-out concept.

Credits: Raceway Venray
Frank Reipen

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