Raceway Venray announces dates for 2021 season

Raceway Venray announces dates for 2021 season
Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

Raceway Venray has announced its provisional dates for the 2021 season – The race track organisation is planning nine days of racing

All race classes known at the Raceway are scheduled to compete on a total of nine race days for exciting competition, but the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series will not be a guest at Venray this year. Instead, two weekend events are planned: In addition to the WorldCup of Stockcars F1 and F2, which traditionally takes place in August, a two-day event is also scheduled for June with the WorldCup of Saloon Stockcars.

The popular EuroCup of the V8 Oval Series is also on the program again. As part of the Stockcar World Cup in August, spectators will get to see a round of the BriSCA Ministox European Championship.

After only two race days could be held in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers certainly hope for a full program in 2021.

The following dates have been announced by the organizers for 2021:

  • Race 1: April 5 (Easter race).
  • Race 2: May 24 (Whitsun race)
  • Race 3 & 4: June 26 & 27 (WorldCup Saloon Stockcars)
  • Race 5: July 25 (Autospeedway)
  • Race 6 & 7: 14 & 15 August (WorldCup Stockcars F1 & F2 ; European Championship BriSCA Ministox)
  • Race 8: 26 September (Autumn Race & EuroCup V8 Oval Series)
  • Race 9: 24 October (Final race & GoldCup Stockcar F2 Juniors)

So far it is not yet known under which conditions the races will take place due to the ongoing Corona pandemic. Likewise, short term changes or cancellations are still possible for the same reason.

Frank Reipen

Frank Reipen