Raceway Venray 2023 calendar: These are the dates!

Raceway Venray 2023 calendar: These are the dates!
Credits: Frank Reipen / Leadlap.de

Raceway Venray has announced the calendar for the 2023 season right after the 2022 season finale – These are the eight race days

April 10, 2023Season opener
May 29, 2023Whit Monday race
June 25, 2023Supercup National Hotrods
August 19-20, 2023Worldcup F1 & F2, Ministox EC
September 24, 2023Eurocup V8 Oval Series
October 28-29, 2023Worldcup Saloon Stockcars, Goldcup F2 Juniors

In 2023, racing will continue on the two ovals of Raceway Venray. Traditionally, the engines will be fired up again on Easter Monday. Raceway Venray officiale has announced the calendar for the coming year.

The season opener will take place on April 10, while the second round will be held on Whit Monday, May 29. On June 25, there will be the first highlight of the season with the Supercup of the National Hotrods at the Autospeedway oval, which is about 400 meters long.

The undisputed highlight of the season is the legendary Worldcup of the Stockcar F1 and F2 as well as the European Championship of the BriSCA Ministox on August 19 and 20. On September 24, the V8 Oval Series will compete for the Eurocup on the 0.5-mile oval with up to 25 degrees of banking. 

The season finale will again be a doubleheader – as it was at the Worldcup: On October 28 and 29, the Saloon Stockcar Worldcup and the Goldcup of the Stockcar F2 Juniors will be held. Thus, a total of eight race days are on the schedule for 2023.

Frank Reipen and André Wiegold