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Raceway Venray 2019: Jentsen Adriaenssens clinched V8 Oval Series title

Michael Großgarten

Jentsen Adriaenssens grabbed the first ever Dutch Championship title of the V8 Oval Series at Raceway Venray – The Belgian fended off all attacks by Jeroen van Eerd

The first ever Dutch Championship of the V8 Oval Series at Raceway Venray went to Jentsen Adriaenssens in his #61 ASCAR Ford Mustang. The Belgian made no mistakes in the last three races of the 2019 and cruised to victory by finishing tenth, third and fourth. Adriaenssens fended off all attacks by Jeroen van Eerd, who was the best driver in an offset car in 2019.

It was only Adriaenssens’ second year in the V8 Oval Series, but the 22-year-old race driver adapted fast to oval racing. He was incredibly fast in his second season on the wheel of his ASCAR Ford Mustang, which was formerly driven by 2016 SuperCup champion Patrick van Eck. Adriaenssens also won the track championship ahead of van Eerd.

“I feel great as we started racing here last year and it was my first time in cars and on an oval,” tells the new champion ‘Leadlap.net’. “This year we managed to fight for the title and it’s great that we made such big steps forward this year. It’s just great.”

Credits: Michael Großgarten

“We also got a little bit lucky with the car we rented here as it’s very fast. We actually didn’t change much. This year we had a broken axle and we installed a less wider one. The car improved and here we are. I will probably defend my title next year in the same car.”

22 different drivers were classified in the 2019 championship with nine different countries represented. During the final races, the Briton Colin White grabbed two wins in his Chevrolet Camaro. The final race of the season was won by Ralph Verberkt after an intense battle with White for several laps. The Briton scored the win in the daily classification. The 2020 season kicks off on April 14.