Philipp Bachor gets a newly built chassis for the 2021 V8OS season

Philipp Bachor gets a newly built chassis for the 2021 V8OS season
Bachor Racingteam

The Bachor Racingteam builds up a chassis from Hendriks Motorsport for Philipp Bachor during the winter – Since the actual car was burned down, the newly prepared car will be the new #21

The Bachor Racingteam has been anything but idle during the winter. Racing driver Philipp Bachor together with crew chief Jens Müller as well as the rest of the team regularly worked on the cars for the V8 Oval Series (V8OS) at Raceway Venray. The team owns a total of three chassis.

Bachor and Müller revealed their plans for the 2021 season to ‘’. The current focus is on the chassis from Hendriks Motorsport, which the team has purchased. The former #44 car, which was driven by Gil Linster among others, is to become the #21 and thus Bachor’s regular car.

“The car will be completely rebuilt and fitted with the parts from the #22 car,” Müller told ‘’ in an exclusive interview. “It’s all about Philipp having a proper chassis.” The frame of the #22 car has already been through a lot and therefore needs to be repaired and straightened during the course of the year. The team around boss Uwe Bachor wants to take its time for this.

Will there be a third car?

Credits: Bachor Racingteam

But then there is a third car: the Chevrolet Camaro, which the team purchased from Patrick Heckhausen. “The #88 car gets the usual Bachor design,” explained Müller, who has already prepared the Camaro for the 2021 season together with the team. Many parts had to be replaced or repaired on this vehicle as well – a lot of work for the hobby team.

Dirk Schmitz, mechanic of the team explains to ‘’ that it is not impossible that the team will have three operational cars ready in the future. That depends on whether the family racing team can find drivers for the cars. After all, two cars could be rented to fast racers from around the world who have an interest in European oval racing. Should only one car find a driver, there would still be a spare car available.

Therefore, the #44 will be the #21

Credits: Bachor Racingteam

“The chassis of the #21 car was simply crooked, we have to fix that first,” said Müller about the nevertheless extensive chassis swap. “If we want to be among the front runners, we need top material. It will certainly be a change for Philipp, but it’s the only way he can develop the car together with us. Driving with crooked material simply doesn’t make sense.”

Because of the chassis change, Bachor has drawn up a plan: “First of all, I have to familiarize myself with the new chassis,” the race driver from Wattenscheid explained to ‘’. “After all, I haven’t had a straight chassis for so long. We want to collect data, but immediately compete at the front. The top 5 is our goal, but the competition is strong.”

At the Bachor Racingteam, the driver still works on the car by himself, as the team is a family hobby racing team supported by energetic friends. To prepare for the 2021 season, Bachor is currently keeping himself fit at home. “I ride on the exercise bike at home, although the rebuild has consumed a lot of time,” Bachor said.

The 2021 V8OS season at Raceway Venray is scheduled to start on Easter Monday, April 5. Whether spectators will again be allowed to come to the track at that time, or whether the races can take place at all, is still unclear due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

André Wiegold