NNO Ter Apel announces calendar for 2022 Autospeedway season

NNO Ter Apel announces calendar for 2022 Autospeedway season
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Six official race days will be held at Circuit de Polderputten in Ter Apel, the Netherlands, in 2022 – There will again be an Autocross day in October

The 2022 Autospeedway season continues to take shape. Following Raceway Venray, the NNO Ter Apel has now also announced its calendar for the coming year. The oval complex consists of two ovals with lengths of 500 and 350 meters. Characteristic are the tight hairpin turns and long straights that make the tracks so unique in the Autospeedway world. 

The season kicks off on Sunday, March 27. The second day of racing traditionally follows on Easter Sunday (April 17), which is followed by the first round at Venray Raceway on Monday. Racing continues on Thursday, May 26, on Ascension Day. There is a short summer break in June before the season resumes on July 10 with the fourth race day at Ter Apel. 

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The season highlight will take place on September 10 and 11: the Speedweekend 2022! At this fifth event the EuroMaster of the National Hotrods, the National Championship of the 2l Hotrods and the Dutch Open of the 2l Hotrods are at stake. Due to the important races in the two oval touring car series, full grids are expected. 

The Autospeedway season will end on September 25 with the official season finale of the oval racing club championship. However, the last race day of 2022 still follows on October 9 with the traditional Autocross day. On this Sunday, typical autocross and banger classes may once again compete on the asphalt oval. There will also be a spectacular caravan race.

The complete calendar: 

DateRace day
March 27, 2022Season opener
April 17, 2022Easter race
May 26, 2022Ascension Day race
July 10, 2022Fourth race day
September 10-11, 2022Speedweekend 
September 25, 2022Season finale
October 9, 2022Autocross day

Circuit de Polderputten is located in Ter Apel in the northeast of the Netherlands, right on the German border. Meppen is the largest German city, located not far from the characteristic oval. The region is also home to the dirt track Speedway Emmen, which will once again host banger and stock car races in 2022. 

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