Niek Damstra fulfills a life’s dream: He joins the Stockcar F1

Niek Damstra fulfills a life’s dream: He joins the Stockcar F1
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Niek Damsta has sold his Peugeot 206 for the National Hotrods to join the Stockcar F1 next season – The Dutchman is fulfilling a lifelong dream

Things were actually going really well for Niek Damstra in the National Hotrods: the 24-year-old immediately won the track championship at Raceway Venray in 2020 and was also a guarantee of success in the 2021 season. Nevertheless, the Dutchman has sold his Peugeot 206 to fulfill a dream: Next year he wants to join the Stockcar F1 championship.

For this, Damstra has bought the former “Lowrider” of Louw Wobbes and Dave van Haarlem. The car is now being prepared for the 2022 season and adapted to the Dutchman’s needs. But where does the passion for Stockcar F1 racing on the part of Damstra actually come from?

He told ‘’: “My father was a mechanic for Louw Wobbes for a few years and that’s why I grew up with the class. It was always on my bucket list and a goal of mine to one day compete in Stockcar F1, but that dream always seemed so far away. And now we finally have the opportunity to do it!”

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The Peugeot 206 that Damstra drove in the National Hotrods has already found a new owner. It’s a true veteran: Fokko Wildeboer, who competed in the National Hotrods earlier in his Autospeedway career.

The car has already been given the starting number 10 and is almost set to make its first race. On Facebook, Wildeboer wrote: “After six years, I will finally pursue my hobby again!” Thus, not only Damstra fulfills his dream, but also Wildeboer will return to Autospeedway racing.

André Wiegold