New National Hotrods driver: Tim Dreschel about to make his season debut

New National Hotrods driver: Tim Dreschel about to make his season debut
Tim Dreschel

The National Hotrods will be joined by a new driver from Recklinghausen in 2021 – Tim Dreschel will enter the Autospeedway class with a Peugeot 206

The National Hotrods will welcome another new driver on the grid in 2021. Tim Dreschel will make his season debut, piloting the #940 Peugeot 206. The name Dreschel is familiar to many Autospeedway enthusiasts, as his uncle Lars Dreschel is one of the best drivers in the oval touring car class.

Tim Dreschel is already in the midst of preparations for his first season, which is scheduled to start in April 2021, if the pandemic doesn’t impact the tracks’ plans. During the winter, “the Peugeot 206 was rebuilt and adapted to the 2021 regulations.” “In addition, the car gets a new 2.2-liter Opel engine from Montronic in Venlo,” the 22-year-old reveals exclusively to ‘’.

Credits: Tim Dreschel

But what can be expected from the youngster from the Ruhrgebiet in his first season? Dreschel has not yet gained much experience, but that does not mean he will be without a chance in his first year. “I haven’t raced in the National Hotrods yet, but I’ve already done some practice sessions in my uncle’s #94 car. I’ve done well there in terms of lap times.”

Tim Dreschel grew up on the Autospeedway ovals in the Netherlands and is delighted to now even be able to get involved as a race driver. “It’s an honor for me to be racing in this class. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time, and now I can make it come true.”

Without help, a start in the National Hotrods would not have been possible for Dreschel: “I thank my father Carsten Dreschel as well as Lars and Julien Dreschel. Also, thank you to Gerd Glahe, Nico Knofski and everyone else who supports me on this adventure, because without you, none of this would be possible.”

Credits: Tim Dreschel

Dreschel plans to race on all tracks that have National Hotrods races on the schedule during the 2021 season. Those are the following asphalt short tracks: Raceway Venray, Circuit de Polderputten Ter Apel, JaBa Circuit Posterholt and Midland Circuit Lelystad. “Of course, we hope that the situation will develop for the better so that races can take place again,” said the youngster.

Dreschel sets himself realistic goals for his debut season: “I want to get used to the car and manage to get a foothold in the class.” The National Hotrods is a tough championship. On the small ovals in the Netherlands, the touring car class has offered close and exciting races for years. The level of the drivers is at a very high, which is why newcomers need time to establish themselves.

André Wiegold