National Hotrods 2019: Johan Sanders grabs two important titles

Michael Großgarten

Johan Sanders won both, the NHRRG Cup and the Dutch Championship – The Dutchman defeated his competitors with a small points advantage

It was almost a perfect National Hotrods season for Johan Sanders. The Dutchman won both, the NHRRG Cup and the Dutch Championship. In the Dutch Championship, Sanders had an eleven-point big lead on SuperCup winner Reimon Bos. In the NHRRG Cup the gap between the both drivers was only four markers big.

“We are happy about winning both championships,” says Sanders to ‘’. “In our opinion it was teamwork to make the car reliable. On track, we were not always the fastest.” The chassis is a special one and that’s why the team always had to try out different settings to get the most out of the Peugeot 206cc.

In 2020 the Dutch team aims to defend the titles, despite not attending all races of the new season. Around 20 races are planned on four different tracks next year. Only a few of them count for the NHRRG Cup and the Dutch Championship. That’s why the title stays in reach for Sanders.

Sanders tells: “The plans for 2020 are not completed yet. We will compete in the championship in Ter Apel and we will visit Lelystad for sure. There are many other races, which we will drive next year. An additional complete track championship is not on our list yet.”

The 2020 NHRRG Cup and Dutch Championship schedules will be presented soon by the officials of the National Hotrods. Is Sanders able to reach the top of the oval touring cars series again?