Karting talent Oliver Kratsch from Brandenburg to make F2 Junior debut

Karting talent Oliver Kratsch from Brandenburg to make F2 Junior debut
Oliver Kratsch

The 15-year-old Oliver Kratsch will make his F2 Junior debut next Sunday at the JaBa Circuit in Posterholt, the Netherlands – For the kart driver it will be the first point of contact with Autospeedway

“It’s my first live contact with oval racing,” Oliver Kratsch told ‘Leadlap.net’. The 15-year-old will make his F2 Junior debut next Sunday on the 350-meter JaBa Circuit in Posterholt, the Netherlands. The driver from Brandenburg has never done in an oval race before and will be competing with the next generation of the stock car scene.

Kratsch will be driving a stockcar F2 car from Helmut Laumen, who has been firmly established in the Autospeedway world for many decades. But what goals has the youngster actually set himself? He answered: “For me, my F2 Junior debut is all about kilometers to be collected.”

“For me, it’s not about results on this day, but about the different braking and rolling phases at the corner entry of an F2 stock car compared to a race kart,” Kratsch continues. “My goals are clearly to put the theory I’ve learned into practice.”

Kratsch has gained experience in rental karting, ADAC REC and Rotax Max Germany Clubsport in his young career since 2018. Although he will be focusing on learning, the German is nonetheless ambitious: “As a racer, you want to win every race, but I’ve been urged to be patient and am focusing solely on putting what I’ve learned into practice.”

Stockcar F2 in Posterholt in 2016 – Credits: Volkan Avci / Leadlap.de

“I think Posterholt is the best place for this purpose,” said Kratsch, who will be racing on an oval for the first time in his career. In his spare time, the young talent follows U.S. open wheel racing, which hosts its most important race – the Indy 500 – on a superspeedway.

“Of course I watch the IndyCar and IndyLights races on TV and get input from a good friend who is deeply involved in the oval scene,” explained Kratsch, who, however, sees his future in other categories. “In principle, our main focus is not on oval racing, but on road course and open wheel racing.”

Should other opportunities open up in the future to race on Autospeedway tracks in the Netherlands, Kratsch “wouldn’t turn them down”. But how did his F2 junior debut actually come into place? Marcel Berndt from Berlin, who himself has gained autospeedway experience in Formula Toyota, took the young Brandenburger under his wing and bagged the deal.

“We are currently working with my management ‘MBM Sportmanagement’ on my motorsport future,” said Kratsch. “In addition to karting, the first test drives in formula racing are on the horizon. Through my management we got the F2 junior deal with Helmut Laumen, which I’m very happy and grateful about.”

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