Jeffrey van Haarlem: Consistency in Stockcar F1 the key to success

Jeffrey van Haarlem: Consistency in Stockcar F1 the key to success
Sense of Speed / Arno van Heijster

Jeffrey van Haarlem took the day’s win in Stockcar F1 at Raceway Venray on June 27 – Dutchman said consistency is very important

“It’s better to finish in the top-5 four times instead of winning two races and retiring in two,” Jeffrey van Haarlem told ‘’ about the key to success in Stockcar F1. The stock car class is at home on the Autospeedway ovals in the Netherlands, competing on both asphalt and dirt tracks. Van Haarlem most recently took the day’s win at Raceway Venray without winning a race.

“The secret is to collect as many points as possible and finish all the races,” clarified the Dutchman from Doetinchem. The 19-year-old has been competing in Stockcar F1 since 2020, has been winning some races and working his way up the rankings ever since. In Venray, his consistent performances were ultimately the factor that made the difference.

Stockcar F1 racing is in van Haarlem’s blood, as his father Michel van Haarlem was already competing in the V8 class. “I started in Stockcar F1 in 2020 and have competed in a handful of races since then. The practice sessions on Saturday went so well that my father Michel and my sponsor Joop Eskes made it possible for me to race right away.” Jeffrey van Haarlem was immediately successful and took victories.

Needless to say, the youngster has tasted blood, which is why he would like to wear a red roof soon. As a reminder: in Stockcar F1 the best drivers start from the back and the roof colors indicate a driver’s rank. Rookies and drivers without many points have white roofs and start from the front. Behind them follow drivers with yellow and blue roofs. The red roofs represent the superstars. The next step is flashing lights on the roof spoiler for the elite drivers. Special paint schemes mark the various champions.

Despite his rapid success, Van Haarlem is modest: “As a team, we don’t have any ambitions to race for titles. We come to the race track for fun and the spectacle. We don’t have high expectations, but a red roof on my #461 stockcar F1 wouldn’t be too bad.” The “performance” is what makes it so appealing to van Haarlem, and he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.

On asphalt, the Stockcar F1 starts at Raceway Venray and at the Midland Circuit in Lelystad, near Amsterdam. The latter is also van Haarlem’s favorite track: “The car runs really well there,” he said. “As a driver, you’re right by the track in the paddock and can also follow the races of the other classes, which is great fun.” The dirt tracks that Stockcar F1 visits – with modified cars – are Speedway Emmen and Speedway Blauwhuis.

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