International program: Jeffrey Roeffen set to race in Great Britain

International program: Jeffrey Roeffen set to race in Great Britain
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Jeffrey Roeffen plans to gain a foothold in the home country of the National Hotrods – The Dutchman will therefore contest in selected races in Great Britain

Great Britain is the home of short oval racing and the National Hotrods also have their roots in Hednesford. Therefore it is a dream for every Autospeedway driver from the continent to race on the island one day. Dutch champion and NHRRG Cup winner Jeffrey Roeffen will fulfill that dream in the 2023 season.

Roeffen will not only represent the mainland at the World Championship race in Ipswich, but he also plans to do more races in the UK. The Dutchman has won every major title on the ovals of his home country and has been track champion at three tracks. That’s why Roeffen is looking for a new challenge for the 2023 season.

“Our goal is to race in Ipswich on May 13 to prepare for the World Championship and the Thunder 500,” Roeffen tells ‘’. “We’ll also compete in the National Weekend and see where else we can race after that. It’s all about learning, learning and learning.”

Roeffen sees the challenges in the UK as the longer races there, which “last up to 75 laps,” and the tires, which are “much softer” than in the Netherlands. “So it’s about learning and clocking as many laps as possible. Any race we can do in the UK is a bonus.”

But the current champion is not turning his back on the Autospeedway scene in the Netherlands. Roeffen also wants to compete in as many Hotrods races as possible in 2023 and defend his numerous titles – first and foremost the Dutch Championship and the NHRRG Cup, both of which are held at the Venray, Ter Apel, Posterholt and Lelystad circuits.

“We want to win the championship and also take the Supercup at Venray,” he says. “There are a lot of new cars coming into the class, though, so hopefully it will be a little more competitive at the front again.” Roeffen is looking forward to the new challenge and the “high level” in the UK, which will help improve his skills. For the Dutchman, the focus is on the learning process, but he would certainly enjoy a trophy or two from the island.

André Wiegold