General Tire conducts tyre update for 2020 NWES season

General Tire conducts tyre update for 2020 NWES season
NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard

General Tire will provide a new specification of its slicks and rain tyres in the 2020 NWES season – The tyres will increase the performance and durability

The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series (NWES) is based on one of the best cost-performance ratios in European motorsport. This is a major challenge for the official tyre manufacturer, General Tire, as the tyre must be durable and provide high performance and good racing.

Martin Heckers, head of General Tire Motorsport, summarizes the tyre supplier’s first season in the European NASCAR Series: “We cannot be happier with our first NWES season as the Official Tyre Partner. The tyres performed exceptionally well and we witnessed extremely exciting races.”

For the 2020 season Heckers is optimistic about the challenge: ““General Tire’s dedicated motorsport unit is developing and manufacturing racing tyres in three shifts a day, six days a week, allowing us to already come up with a new tyre for the upcoming NWES season.”

“This new tyre has been adjusted in line with further developments of the cars and considering data and driver feedback from our first season, we have developed an enhanced new NWES General Tire tyre specification,” he said.

The new specification has already been extensively tested in winter, both on the NWES test track in France and on the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Spain. In 2020, each driver will again be provided with 20 slicks for the whole season. This means that drivers will also have to use used tyres. Therefore durability has been a key issue in the development of the new specification.

“General Tire is the perfect tire partner for the series, the company has a huge racing expertise and great products. Everybody was very motivated to introduce new tires in 2020 to continue enhancing the racing experience for both drivers and fans,” said NWES President – CEO Jerome Galpin. “I have to admit our needs for high-performance and very durable tires is really difficult to comply with, but General Tire put a lot of effort in providing us the best possible products.”

André Wiegold