F2 Juniors: Andy van t’Veer wins spectacular GoldCup race at Raceway Venray

F2 Juniors: Andy van t’Veer wins spectacular GoldCup race at Raceway Venray
Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

Andy van t’Veer won the F2 Juniors GoldCup at Raceway Venray last Sunday – Two Germans climbed on the podium

Last Sunday, the youngsters of stockcar racing were in focus at Raceway Venray. It was all about the prestigious GoldCup, which is of great importance for the F2 Juniors. Andy van t’Veer won an extremely dramatic race, while Nico Klumpen and Nico Storb from Germany completed the podium. In the Stockcar F2, Dylan Gerrits took the day’s win.

The GoldCup was the third heat of the day for the F2 Juniors. Even before the start, dramatic scenes played out when pole-sitter Davey Smit’s car failed to fire the engine and he had to leave the grid. He did try to get back into the race action when his car did fire, but he was not allowed to start again.

Race win decided in the final meters

Credits: Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

In the course of the race, a battle crystallized between Wout Hoffmans and van t’Veer. Hoffmans was in the lead for a long time, but was then caught by the driver with the silver roof. When van t’Veer was ready to attack, he was hit by a competitor and reeled back a few seconds. Hoffmans looked like the sure winner as the final lap of the race started.

Then, in the last corner, Hoffmans was also hit by another rider, which is why he spun and stopped about 50 meters from the finish. He did not cross the finish line, which is why van t’Veer took the win. Behind him, two Germans completed the podium: Klumpen and Storb, who both showed a strong performance. Hoffmans ran towards the race control in a rage after the race, but the victory was gone.

Smit and Hoffmans shared the day’s win on the final race day of the 2021 season, each with 35 points on their accounts. Smit won the first race, Hoffmans the final. The second race was decided in favor of Klumpen from Germany, who finished around two seconds ahead of Storb. Klumpen thus ended up in a strong third place in the day’s standings.

Credits: Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

Stockcar F2: Gerrits dominates the race day

Gerrits dominated the Stockcar F2 finale at Raceway Venray with three wins in four races. The Dutchman took three wins and clearly topped the day’s standings. Senna Claes won the remaining second race of the day. He finished second in the day’s standings, five points behind the winner.

Stan Coenen finished behind in third place. He ended up in the top 5 in three of the four races and impressed with his consistency. Xander van Wijlick and Stockcar F2 top driver Wim Peters Jr. completed the top 5 behind them, with Sebastiaan Vowinkel finishing sixth ahead of Kay Lenssen, Chris Hendriks, Jarno Emming and Wesley Leenhouts. With that, the Stockcar F2 season is in the books at Venray.

André Wiegold