Experience day: V8 Oval Series presents itself at Raceway Venray

Experience day: V8 Oval Series presents itself at Raceway Venray
Credits: Frank Reipen / Leadlap.de

The V8 Oval Series will hold a presentation day at Raceway Venray on March 26, 2023 – The event is aimed at potential drivers for the Late Model championship

The V8 Oval Series (V8OS) is the home championship on the large 0.5-mile oval at Raceway Venray. The championship features American Late Models and British ASCAR cars that can reach around 200 kilometers per hour on the oval with up to 25 degrees of banking. On March 26, 2023, interested drivers will have the opportunity to experience the track, the cars and the series up close at the presentation day.

The program on the unique oval circuit near Venlo in the Netherlands is scheduled from 1 to 4 pm. Racers who have ever wanted to pilot a stock car with up to 450 hp on a real American-style oval like Bristol or Martinsville in their career can set the course for it on March 26. Due to the regulations and the three sprint races per race day, the budget required is manageable compared to other racing series.

There are many ways to participate in the race series. Buying their own car is the top priority for most drivers, but there is also the option of renting a cockpit. The Bachor Racingteam from Germany, Hendriks Motorsport from the Netherlands and Raceway Venray itself currently offer rental cars. These vehicles can be used to start immediately in the V8OS.

Credits: Raceway Venray

The European Late Model Series Triple Crown is also planned for the 2023 season, which will be held at three race tracks in two countries. In addition to the Venray Raceway, the Midland Circuit Lelystad in the Netherlands and the Lydden Hill oval in Great Britain are on the schedule. Detailed information about the championship at Raceway Venray and the Triple Crown will be available on the presentation day.

On March 26, the Late Model two-seater will also be on site, so taxi rides may be possible. No registration is required. The 2023 V8OS season begins on April 10 (Easter Monday) with the first race day. A total of eight race days are scheduled over six race weekends. Added to this are the races at Lelystad and Lydden Hill.

In addition to the V8 Oval Series, the following Autospeedway classes will compete on the small oval of Raceway Venray (approx. 400 meters long): Stockcar F1, Stockcar F2, F2 Juniors, Saloon Stockcars, National Hotrods, 2l Hotrods and National Ministox. On a race day, spectators can expect to see around 20 oval races in various classes from 9am to 6pm. The V8OS is the only class that races on the half mile.

André Wiegold