Exclusive interview with WorldCup winner Luke Davidson

Exclusive interview with WorldCup winner Luke Davidson
Michael Großgarten

‘Leadlap.de’ talked to Luke Davidson, who won the Stockcar F1 WorldCup at Raceway Venray

The Stockcar F1 WorldCup at Raceway Venray is one of the most important Autospeedway races in Europe. Not only the grandstands are full of fans this weekend, but also the starting grids are very big – thanks to the several British race drivers. Luke Davidson is a regular driver, who is racing at Venray. The British won the WorldCup 2019.

In an interview with ‘Leadlap.de’, the new WorldCup winner gave some impressions in the emotions in the Netherland. It was an important win for Davidson, who is dominated the track championship at Venray,

André Wiegold (AW): How do you feel after winning the race at Venray?

Photo: Michael Großgarten

Luke Davidson (LD): “Winning the WorldCup has been amazing for both me and my team, possibly one of the best feeling I as a driver have ever felt racing a F1 Stockcar. We took home second place last year so to actually bring the WorldCup home this year was brilliant.”

AW: What was the race like? What were the key moments?

“The race; I felt like it went on forever, the longest 30 laps of my life. We had a great start to the race, and with Roy Massen spinning so soon on in the race, I thought that it was in the bag as he is the man to beat at Raceway Venray.”

“Four laps into the race I seen the yellow flags come out and then a complete restart which I thought was unfair as we were already four laps in however that’s racing. On the restart I got away into the lead, I seen that Roy got caught up again behind me so I had a good gap leading the race. Further into the race there was another yellow flag, I then knew there wasn’t many laps left and the fastest man was in second place.”

“On the green flag I had a good start and go a bit of a lead on #400 but with three laps to go he passed me on turns three and four. I knew I only had one chance as he would be away, I hit him wide on the next lap on turns three and four this meant I gained enough gap for him to not be able to come back on me and I managed to take the victory.”

AW: You are very successful at Venray, what’s your secret? And what does it take to be successful on that oval?

Photo: Michael Großgarten

LD: “There isn’t any secret to being fast at Venray as such. I have made several trips to race there throughout the year and now I have got my car set up to suit the track. Raceway Venray is a track which you need to be consistent with lap times and be smooth as if your knocked out wide enough you struggle to gain back.”

AW: What makes the Raceway Venray so special? What do you like about the track?

LD: “We love racing at Raceway Venray, the track and facilities there are amazing. We are always made feel so welcome by everyone there. I myself like to race at a long track, so Venray suits me its similar to a track here in the UK called Foxhall Stadium in Ipswich which I enjoy racing at.”

AW: What are your goals in the 2019 season?

LD: “For the rest of the 2019 season, I aim to achieve as many podium finishes as possible. From traveling and racing at Raceway Venray this year I have managed to qualify to be in the Shootout in the Netherlands. This means racing at both Venray and Lelystad to compete for the silver roof points championship.”

Davidson will be back in action on 29th of September at Venray. The driver of the #464 will surely give his best to collect as many points as possible, to win the Stockcar F1 championship and the track championship. With his WorldCup win in his pocket, he will surely try to built on the momentum he gained.

André Wiegold