EuroNASCAR: VP Racing Fuels delivers sustainable fuel

EuroNASCAR: VP Racing Fuels delivers sustainable fuel
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The 2022 NWES season is just around the corner and it’s getting greener – Starting with the first race weekend in Valencia, a new, environmentally friendly fuel from VP Racing Fuels will be used

Around the world, the topics of sustainability and climate neutrality are becoming increasingly important – and that also applies to motorsport. More and more series are focusing on the green future, including the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series (NWES). From the start of the season in Valencia on May 14 and 15, sustainable racing fuel will be used.

The fuel of the future was developed in collaboration with VP Racing Fuels. “N20 will provide series racers with an innovative race fuel formulation, incorporating 20 percent of second generation sustainable components,” says Alexej Borscs, Director of Sales and Operations Europe for VP. “These components not only reduce the need for fossil sources and help cut the net greenhouse gas emissions but also come from agricultural waste, a feedstock that does not compete with the food supply chain, bringing both innovation and sustainability to the product.

The only stipulation in the development of N20 here was that it had to work without major modifications to the engine and that there were no compatibility issues with the gasoline system. This is already designed for E10 fuels.

“Our goal is to contribute to the development of the petroleum free fuels of the future, not only for racing but for everyday use. This is why our fuel development will be based on the RON 98 standard fuel pump specifications. Maybe in some years people will fill their road cars with a fuel the EuroNASCAR contributed to develop, and there is no better way for racing to support ecology and sustainable development,” says EuroNASCAR CEO Jerome Galpin.

The use of the new fuel is just the first step. The common goal is to offer motorsport without fossil components by 2025. “The sustainable development strategy is a key part of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, starting with our racecars built without electronic and complex material making them vastly recyclable. We are very happy to launch this technical partnership with VP Racing Fuels which is the first step of our roadmap to a 100 percent road standards fossil free fuel,” emphasizes the NWES president, who is looking forward to a sustainable future including V8 engines.

Simon Mones