EuroNASCAR celebrates record entry: 37 cars entered for the 2022 season!

EuroNASCAR celebrates record entry: 37 cars entered for the 2022 season!
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The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series has reasons to celebrate: 37 cars have already been entered for the 2022 season – Pulverizing the record of 33 set in 2019

The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series (NWES) can look forward to a record field of 37 cars entered for the 2022 season. This means that the record from 2019 has already been broken two months before the season opener at Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain. At that time in 2019, there were 33 entries before the start of the season. Further entries are possible, as not all teams have yet announced their projects in full for the coming season.

From a German-speaking perspective, there are some changes in the 2022 NWES season, but also constants: Racingfuel Motorsport, a new team from Switzerland, will enter the championship with two cars. Marko Stipp Motorsport and DF1 Racing will also field two cars each – Yevgen Sokolovskiy and Miguel Gomes will compete for the Germans, Nicolo Rocca and Naveh Talor for the Austrians, who are yet to confirm a second driver pairing.

Dutch top team Hendriks Motorsport will field two cars following the departure of Giorgio Maggi to Race Art Technology: The #7 champion Ford Mustang and the traditional #50, while Team Bleekemolen, Speedhouse Racing and Not Only Motorsport will provide the most cars with four cars each. CAAL Racing and Academy Motorsport / Alex Caffi Motorsport plan to enter three cars each.

Furthermore, in addition to Racefuel Motorsport, Marko Stipp Motorsport and DF1 Racing, there are the following two-car organizations: Racers Motorsport and MK1 Race Art Technology as well as the new international top team Buggyra ZM Racing. The one-car teams are: Returners PK Carsport, RDV Competition, The Club Motorsport, Race Art Technology (without support from MK1) and Double V Racing. 19 teams represent nine different nations in the 2022 season.

Unlike in other European series, in NASCAR racing a car is considered a team and not the entire organization. Hendriks Motorsport has won the team championship with its two teams for the past three years, with one EuroNASCAR PRO and one EuroNASCAR 2 driver earning points toward the standings in each of its championships. With the record set, it will be a mammoth task for Roy and Joep Hendriks to defend the fourth title in a row.

The following NWES graphic shows all the cars that will be used in the 2022 NWES season:

Credits: NWES

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