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Due to coronavirus crisis: Raceway Venray season opener cancelled

Michael Großgarten

The coronavirus crisis has now forced the Raceway Venray to take action – The practice day and the season opener are cancelled

The die is cast: Raceway Venray also has to announce initial cancellations in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Affected are the practice day on 4th of April and the first race on Easter Monday (13th of April). Both events will be cross out from the calendar for the 2020 season.

This affects the V8 Oval Series, which was to start into the new season in April. On the big oval, there will be no V8 roar for now. How long the spread of the coronavirus will continue to affect major events is not foreseeable at this point. But in April there will definitely be few or no motorsport events.

The Autospeedway classes will also have to be patient for their season start. The Stockcar F1, Stockcar F2, and many other classes should have been racing in Lelystad on 15th of March. However, the first dates at the Midland Circuit, in Ter Apel, Emmen, Blauwhuis, Posterholt and now Venray have been cancelled.