Deal with Patrick Heckhausen: Bachor Racingteam buys second late model

Deal with Patrick Heckhausen: Bachor Racingteam buys second late model
Volkan Avci /

After the #21 late model of the Bachor Racingteam burned down, the team has now found a replacement: the #88 car by Patrick Heckhausen

It is a good two months since the #21 late model by Philipp Bachor fell victim to the flames in a fire on the family’s company premises. With the #22 car, the team had a second V8 beast in the back of its hands, but team boss Uwe Bachor quickly found a replacement.

The problem: Actually, the #22 car was supposed to be rented to interested drivers, while Philipp Bachor was supposed to race the #21 car as usual. To make sure the plan will work out, the team bought the late model from Heckhausen.

“Patrick and I quickly came to an agreement. In the current season we will not make any changes to the design and Patrick has the option to drive the car if the conditions are right for both sides”, explained team boss Uwe Bachor. “We know that the Camaro has always been well prepared and now it’s all about getting it perfectly tuned until the season starts”.

Heckhausen, who has been competing at Raceway Venray for many years and has been running his father’s family business since 2019, is satisfied and explained why he has decided to sell his car. “Due to the very positive growth of my company I don’t have the time to work on the car and to race regularly,” says the Krefeld-based driver.

Heckhausen himself wants to remain part of Raceway Venray in addition to guest starts for the Bachor Racingteam. He is not worried about his #88 Camaro: “Of course I want to see the car on the track. I have worked with the Bachor family very often in the past and I know that my Camaro is in good hands with this team”.

Simon Mones