Damstra on the National Hotrods: “I like the pace and the close races!”

Damstra on the National Hotrods: “I like the pace and the close races!”
MSL-Fotografie / Marcus Liebsch

Niek Damstra won the final round of the National Hotrods race at Raceway Venray and secured third place in the day’s standings – But why is the Dutchman preferring the oval touring car series?

The first official race day at Raceway Venray took place on June 27. For the first time in 2021, spectators were also allowed on the grandstands. The National Hotrods are part of the traditional Autospeedway program at the oval complex and in the middle of it all was Niek Damstra. The Dutchman has been involved in Autospeedway racing since 2011 and is running his second full season in the touring car championship.

At the wheel of his #48 Peugeot 206, the 24-year-old is looking to establish himself at the top of the sport. The race driver from Gytsjerk took his first Venray win of the year in the final round of the National Hotrods on June 27, where he won the track championship in 2020 in his debut season. Damstra also managed to finish third in the daily standings.

Why did the Dutchman choose the National Hotrods? He told ‘Leadlap.net’: “I like the speed and that you have to get everything right with the setup at all times. I also like the close racing in the class. It’s my second full season, as I joined the series last year before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.”

What makes the 24-year-old so fast after just a few races? “There’s no real secret,” explained Damstra, who has also scored victories in Ter Apel and Lelystad. “I just took a very practical approach and did as many laps as I could. That’s really important in the National Hotrods.”

After his successful debut season in 2020 at Venray, it should be clear which track he likes most in the Netherlands: “It’s currently Venray because the track offers a lot of overtaking opportunities. But I’m also looking forward to the races at Posterholt.”

But where should the 24-year-old’s journey take him in the future? Darmstra wants to stay at the top. He said: “My goal is to win. That’s why we really give everything and put so much work into it. I have one under my belt and now I’m trying to increase that number.” The National Hotrods will visit Venray, Posterholt, Ter Apel and Lelystad in the 2021 season. In addition to the track championships, there is the nation-wide NHRRG Cup.

André Wiegold