Dallara on sponsorship: “Can’t just put a sticker on the car””

Dallara on sponsorship: “Can’t just put a sticker on the car””
Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

Davide Dallara wants to remain part of the NWES grid in 2022 – Finding sponsors is not only difficult, but also involves more and more commitment

“You can’t go out like 30 years ago and say I’ll slap a sticker from your company on the car,” Davide Dallara tells ‘Leadlap.net‘ in a video interview. The Italian has been competing for Not Only Motorsports in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series since 2020 and is looking to return to the EuroNASCAR PRO Championship points chase with the Italian racing team next season.

“I’m a low-budget driver, so I always have to get the budget together in the winter,” Dallara said of his situation. “It’s like a full-time job because you have to talk to companies and brands to see what you can do for them.” That has become much more difficult than it was in the 20th century because companies expect much more in return for a sponsorship.

Credits: Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

So today, a sticker on the car is not enough. Cooperation partners usually expect a high and professional presence on social media, accompanying VIP guests at the track and the availability of the driver – sometimes including the car – for company events. The sticker on the hood alone has had its day and is no longer up to date. Logically, companies want to receive appropriate advertising benefits for their financial support.

A EuroNASCAR season can exceed the 100,000-euro mark for a single cockpit in worst cases – depending on the service booked and damages during the year. “Budget is an issue that a lot of drivers have – unless you’re rich and don’t need the support,” Dallara said. “You also really have to study marketing strategies because it’s not like 30 years ago when a sticker was enough.”

Finding suitable partners and sponsors is never easy for a race driver and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has added to the difficulties. Dallara is in good spirits to once again compete in the EuroNASCAR PRO Championship in 2022 with Not Only Motorsports. The Italian, who won the Challenger Trophy in 2020, is looking to make the jump into the top 5 and win the Trophy title again. The complete interview with Dallara is available in English on the Leadlap.net YouTube channel.

André Wiegold