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COVID-19 pandemic: Raceway Venray cancels season opener on April 5

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Raceway Venray has cancelled the planned season opener on April 5 – This means that the season will start on May 24 at the earliest

The Coronavirus still has the motorsport world firmly in its grip. With regard to the development of the pandemic situation in recent weeks, it comes as no surprise that the organizers of Venray Raceway had to cancel the planned season opener on April 5.

The engines will remain silent for the time being in 2021, the other events at Raceway Venray will remain in the provisional schedule, but it is not yet known under what conditions these races will be held due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

The following dates are scheduled for 2021 :

  • Race 1: May 24 (Whitsun race).
  • Races 2 & 3: June 26 & 27 (WorldCup Saloon Stockcars)
  • Race 4: July 25 (Autospeedway)
  • Race 5 & 6: August 14 & 15 (WorldCup Stockcars F1 & F2 ; European Championship BriSCA Ministox)
  • Race 7: 26 September (Autumn Race & EuroCup V8 Oval Series)
  • Race 8: 24 October (Final race & GoldCup Stockcar F2 Juniors)

Depending on the pandemic situation, changes or cancellations at short notice are still possible.

Frank Reipen