COVID-19 pandemic: Raceway Venray cancels season finale

COVID-19 pandemic: Raceway Venray cancels season finale / Michael Großgarten

Raceway Venray cancels the Christmas races – The 2020 season has come to an early end

After the race days in October and November had already been canceled, now also the season finale planned for December 26-27 was cross out due to the still very tense pandemic situation. This was announced by the Raceway’s organisation on the website and social media channels of the race track.

There were only two rounds in 2020, one on August 16 and one on September 27. The focus is now on next year, as the organizers hope to be able to host races again then. A provisional schedule had not been published yet.

As a result, the interim standings after the September race will also be the final standings for the 2020 season.

Stockcar F1:

  1. Ivan Renneberg; 2nd Geert Jan Keijzer; 3rd Jan Pleging.

Stockcar F2:

  1. Jan Bekkers; 2. Aart Jan van Dam; 3. Gerrit Huussen

Stockcar F2 Juniors:

  1. Andy van ‘t Veer; 2. Senna Claes; 3. Donny Hoedt

National Hotrods:

  1. Niek Damstra; 2. Reimon Bos; 3. Erik Emming

Saloon Stockcars:

  1. Jeremy van der Kraats; 2. Bas Haagen; 3. Patrick Rutters

V8 Oval Series:

  1. Jentsen Adriaansen; 2nd Jeroen van Eerd; 3rd Barry Maessen

The standings of the V8 Oval Series refer to both the Dutch Championship and the Track Championship.

Frank Reipen

Frank Reipen