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COVID 19 pandemic: Raceway Venray cancels race on October 25

Michael Großgarten

Due to stricter rules in the Netherlands, the race day at the Raceway Venray in October had to be cancelled

The stricter measures announced last night in the Netherlands to contain the COVID 19 pandemic are having an impact on what is happening at Raceway Venray. After the races in August and September could still be held as planned under a strict security concept, the race on October 25th had to be cancelled.

“Unfortunately, after the new measures around COVID-19 we are forced to cancel the race day on October 25th. Of course, we imagined it differently, but health comes first”, the track announces both on its website and on social media channels.

Two more races are still planned at the Oval in 2020: On November 22 and December 26-27, the season is planned to be continued. Whether the races can really be held is still up in the stars, as many countries have established strict rules due to the increasing number of infections.

Frank Reipen