COVID-19 pandemic: Raceway Venray cancels race day on November 22

COVID-19 pandemic: Raceway Venray cancels race day on November 22
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Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Raceway Venray has cancelled the championship race on November 22nd – Two races are still marked with a question mark on the calendar

The strict measures still in force to contain the COVID-19 pandemic are again having an impact on events at Raceway Venray. After the race day in October had already been cancelled, the November event at the Dutch oval has now also been cancelled.

“Unfortunately, due to the new measures around COVID-19 we are forced to cancel the race day on November 22nd. Of course we would have liked to announce a different result, but health comes first”, the responsible persons announce both on the website and on the social media channels of the race track.

A small glimmer of hope remains: The races on December 26-27 are still scheduled to take place but the staging of the races is heavily dependent on the development of the pandemic and the containment measures that may result.

In 2020, Raceway Venray has so far hosted two days of racing – one in August and one in September. Two of the six planned events have so far been cancelled due to the new strict regulations. Whether the Christmas race will really take place is still up in the stars. Other Autospeedway tracks, such as the Circuit de Polderputten in Ter Apel, have completely stopped their activities in 2020.

Frank Reipen

Frank Reipen and André Wiegold