Circuit de Polderputten in Ter Apel: These are the dates in 2023!

Circuit de Polderputten in Ter Apel: These are the dates in 2023!
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The engines roar on the Ter Apel Circuit de Polderputten on these eight race days – These are the dates for the 2023 season

Date Race
April 9, 2023Golden Helmet BMW Cup; Bangerstox
May 18, 2023Golden Helmet Rookierods; PAC Stockrods & Crossklasse
June 11, 2023Golden Helmet Superrods; Bangerstox
July 9, 2023Golden Helmet Junioren; Golden Helmet Bangerstox; Crossklasse
September 2-3, 2023National Championship 2l Hotrods & Dutch Open 2l Hotrods; Euromaster of National Hotrod; Saloon Stockcars
September 24, 2023Finale: Golden Helmet Standard 2000; Crossklasse
Oktober 8, 2023Autocrosstag Bangerstox & Caravanrace

There will again be plenty of action on the Ter Apel race track in 2023. The season starts on April 9 with the first races of the Bangerstox and the BMW Cup. It continues on May 18, Ascension Day, with the Rookierods, the PAC Stockrods and the Cross class. June 11 will be dedicated to the Superrods and the Bangerstox.

The first highlight follows on July 9 with the races for the Golden Helmet of the Bangerstox and the Juniors. Also the cross class will start again on this day.

The Doubleheader on September 2nd and 3rd is the highlight of the season. On this weekend the 2l Hotrods will be guests and will hold their races for the national championship and the Dutch Open. Hotrod fans will get their money’s worth, as the National Hotrods will also be on track for the Euromaster race. The program is rounded off by the Saloon Stockcars.

The final races will take place on September 24, when the races for the Standard 2000 Golden Helmet can be seen, and the Cross class will also be represented again.

October 8 will once again be dedicated to bent sheet metal at the end of the season: not only will the Bangerstox take to the track, but the spectacular Caravan race will also be held on this day.

Frank Reipen

Frank Reipen