Autospeedway in Venray: These are the winners of the July round

Autospeedway in Venray: These are the winners of the July round
Sense of Speed / Arno van Heijster

Raceway Venray invited last Sunday to the second official race day of the 2021 season – These are the winners of the Stockcar F1, Stockcar F2, F2 Juniors and 2l Hotrods

In addition to the National Hotrods, the drivers of the Stockcar F1, Stockcar F2, F2 Juniors and 2l Hotrods also went hunting for points at Raceway Venray last Sunday. There were numerous exciting runs on the 350-meter Autospeedway oval with many participants from Western Europe.

Stockcar F1: Local hero Roy Maessen prevails

The winner of the day in Stockcar F1 is Roy Maessen. The Dutchman collected the most points in four races and thus took first place in the day’s standings. Maessen collected a total of 65 points, leaving Patrick Kleijsen and Danny van Wamelen behind him, who scored 61 and 47 points respectively.

In the first race of the day, Maessen finished third while Kleijsen held off Stockcar F1 veteran Johan Catsburg at the front. It was not until the second race that Maessen secured his first victory ahead of Rick Lenssen and Gert Elzinga.

In the third race, Maessen again had to admit defeat to Kleijsen. The final also went to Kleijsen, but Maessen’s consistency paid off, which is why he went on to win the day. Kleijsen’s tenth place in the second race ultimately tipped the scales.

Stockcar F2: Jan Bekkers from Belgium on top

Credits: Sense of Speed / Arno van Heijster

In Stockcar F2, former WorldCup winner Jan Bekkers prevailed over his rivals. The Belgian scored 48 points and thus kept Wim Peeters at bay with 36 points. The day’s podium was rounded off by Donny Hoedt in third place.

It was the latter who decided the first race of the day in his favor. Hoedt finished 0.985 seconds ahead of Bekkers, while Jan Dam van Aart was third. In the second heat, Hoedt again edged out Bekkers, with Peeters finishing third this time.

In the third heat the balance of power tipped and Bekkers won ahead of Hoedt and Chris Hendriks. Bekkers went one better and beat Peeters by 2.558 seconds in the final. Kay Lenssen completed the podium behind the top duo. As in the Stockcar F1, consistency was the key to success.

2l Hotrods: Close battle between Rik van der Linden and Heijden van der Sander

Credits: Sense of Speed / Arno van Heijster

Last Sunday, the 2l Hotrods, which race according to British regulations, made their right turns at Raceway Venray. Rik van der Linden beat Heijden van der Sander by just two points in the day’s standings.

The two also dominated the first race, in which van der Linden finished just 0.312 seconds ahead of van der Sander. Marius Bert completed the podium behind them in the first heat. In the second race, Klaus Kilianski, a true Autospeedway veteran, won ahead of van der Linden and Niklas Klaka. The final heat was decided by van der Sander just ahead of van der Linden. Bert, meanwhile, made it onto the podium for the second time.

F2 Juniors: Andy van t’Veer in first place

Credits: Sense of Speed / Arno van Heijster

The stock car youngsters were at it again in Venray and it was Andy van t’Veer who came out on top against his young competitors. He collected a total of 43 points, relegating Wessel Drost and Bo Pepels to second and third places.

However, the first race was won by Donny Schaap in the #007 car, with Pepels finishing ahead of Jorden Vowinkel in second place. Drost managed to win the second heat, while van t’Veer and Pepels rounded out the podium. The third run was won by van t’Veer. In a strong run he left Nico Klumpen and Vowinkel behind. In the final, Drost won ahead of van t’Veer and Klumpen.

André Wiegold