2l Saloon Stockcars in Venray: Jeremy van de Kraats on top

2l Saloon Stockcars in Venray: Jeremy van de Kraats on top
MSL-Fotografie / Marcus Liebsch

Last Sunday the 2l Saloon Stockcars visited Raceway Venray – In front of the numerous spectators on the grandstands Jeremy van de Kraats prevailed against the strong competition

For the first time in 2021, motorsport fans traveled to Raceway Venray again and they were not disappointed. A total of 22 drivers competed in the four races of the 2l Saloon Stockcars, which offered plenty of action on the Autospeedway oval in the Netherlands. Jeremy van de Kraats collected the most points to secure the day’s win.

The first race went according to plan for the Dutchman from Nijmegen: in his #16 car, van de Kraats settled at the front to ultimately finish 0.731 seconds ahead of Patrick Rutters. In the second heat, the Dutchman had to admit defeat to Sven Slebioda, but second place earned him a lot of points.

Nick Antwerpen inherited the win in the third heat after a penalty against Slebioda, while van de Kraats squeezed into second. In the final race, another second place behind race winner Robin van Brenk was enough to put van de Kraats in first place in the day’s standings. He collected a total of 46 points – six points more than Rutters in second place.

Rutters did not win a single race but impressed with his consistency, finishing second, third and fourth twice. The day’s podium was completed by van Brenk in third place, followed by Bas Haagen and Antwerpen in fifth.

In the national championship, van de Kraats leads with 86 points after three races, ahead of Rutters (73 points) and Antwerpen (72 points). So far, two races have been held in Venray and one race in Posterholt. The next championship race is scheduled on July 11 at Circuit de Polderputten in Ter Apel.

André Wiegold