2l Hotrods 2023: This is the calendar of the new season

2l Hotrods 2023: This is the calendar of the new season
Credits: Michael Großgarten / Leadlap.de

The organizers of the 2l Hotrods have announced the calendar for the 2023 season – In the Netherlands, four tracks are on the schedule

Date  Track 
April 9, 2023Ter Apel
April 10, 2023Raceway Venray
May 18, 2023Ter Apel
May 29, 2023Raceway Venray
June 11, 2023Ter Apel
June 18, 2023Lelystad
July 1-2, 2023Ipswich
July 9, 2023Ter Apel
July 29-30, 2023Posterholt
September 2-3, 2023Ter Apel
September 17, 2023Lelystad
September 24, 2023Ter Apel

The drivers of the 2l Hotrods championship will have their hands full, as they will be taking the wheel of their vehicles on a total of 15 race days. In addition to the four tracks in the Netherlands, the calendar also includes the prestigious World Final in Ipswich, UK.

The 2023 season kicks off on April 9 at Ter Apel and just one day later the 2l Hotrods will visit the Raceway Venray. On Ascension Day on May 18, the series will again start at Ter Apel and return to Venray on May 29.

Again, Ter Apel will host the next races on June 11 before heading to Lelystad on June 18 for one of two race days in 2023. The season highlight, the World Final, will take place on July 1 and 2 around 130 kilometers northeast of London in Ipswich, UK. 

The series returns to Ter Apel on July 9 before heading to Posterholt for the Continental Championship on July 29 and 30. The National Championship and Dutch Open will be contested at another doubleheader event, at Ter Apel on September 2 and 3. The second day of racing in Lelystad is scheduled for September 17, with the final races of the 2023 season taking place on September 24 in Ter Apel.

Frank Reipen

Frank Reipen